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Steven and Ekaterina

One day I received an introduction letter from a beautiful lady on a dating site. I was a member of dating web site for a long time. And I got so many letters from urainian women! I ignored most of them, because was not sure that all of these stunning ukrainian girls are really serious about me. I knew that they just sent their intro letters to men. But it was important for me to know that the letter is FOR ME, not for all men of dating website. And that special letter from a special woman was really personal. The letter was interesting, tender, serious and very sincere. Katerina did not say “I LOVE YOU” or something like this in her first letter. She spoke about her dreams, her English was very good and she asked me many personal questions, based on my profile. I was touched. I’ve been to Ukraine several times already, but my experience was not too successful. It is possible to say that I almost lost my trust in internet dating. I guess Katerina made me to believe again. I sent her my reply and our story began. First I thought that single russian women, the same as ukraine brides are not too serious, but Katya was so family-oriented and she told me that wants to meet me in real life. It was a signal for me that this ukrainian woman is serious. Also I liked the fact that Katya allowed me to contact her without the assistance of dating agency. Her English was so well. It is very important! First time when I called her, we spoke for more than 2 hours! Every time when I went to Ukraine before I wanted to meet russian women. After I have met Katya, I wanted to meet only one ukraine bride – Katya! I came to Nikolayev at 7 pm, but she was so kind and met me the first day I came to Ukraine. We went to a nice place, called “Skazka” and it worked till late. My previous visits were completely different. We did not have mutual chemistry with those ukrainian women. I felt that I like Katya from the moment she said “Hi Steven”. Next morning we met very early and started to look for an open café to have breakfast. And after all came to her place and she cooked our first common breakfast. I think I never tasted better eggs in my life! I understood that I want to have such breakfasts till the end of my days. We both are very serious about each other and that is why in 2 months I will remove to Nikolayev with the God’s help for couple of months and we will live together. I know that russian dating is not fake, it is real. I will always remember about the help of online dating site and dating agency. I found the ukrainian bride of my dream!