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Mike and Aleksandra

Dear dating site! I want to inform you guys working in the sphere of internet dating that I am happily married to my ukrainian bride Sasha for 11 months. Our love becomes deeper with every day, that we live. I had some friends who got married with russian women and ukrainian women, but I never knew that I will make such a choice. I live in Plymouth UK. Have a good work, and good friends. I dates with local women, but did not find something very important in all of them. I was not in a hurry. I did not have plans to get married in future 5 years or so. But life is unpredictable. Guys, I even did not know where the Ukraine is… Who knew that I’ll find my ukrainain bride and a dating website will change my life forever?! One woman, Luda from Kiev, who lives with my friend Chris in UK showed me the online dating site, where she met Chris. To make a profile was so easy. Many russian women looked at me from the pages of dating web site. I began to chat with some. In few months I had some “favorites”. Once, while dating chat with another lady, I saw Sasha’s profile. She was online and her video was on. We had an easy-going video dating. She was charming and easy-going, funny and clever. I liked her, but as it happens often in this crazy Internet world, we lost connection. After some time she wrote me first. I remembered her and we started to chat again. This time we decided to chat the next day. And the next day… And the next one! I’ve got used to chat with my ukrainian bride. We started to do it more and more often. All of my “favorites” were forgotten! Thanks to Luda, I knew a lot about the mentality of ukrainian girls, and it made my conversations with Sasha very easy and gaily. We understood jokes of each other, spoke a lot about relationships. In few weeks I bought my ticket to Ukraine. It was my first flight so far from home, but I wanted to meet single russian women. Yes, I wanted to meet several girls and Sasha of course as well. I wanted to meet Sasha first of all. Want to say thank you to Olga, manager of a very good dating agency in Odessa, who helped me with transportation to and from the airport and with my initial accommodation during my very first visit. I’ve met Sasha in the office of the agency. I was worried about online dating ukraine brides. We had our first meeting with a professional interpreter, because we wanted to understand each other perfectly.  It was the best day in our lives. I forgot all of my plans about other russian women. I found my princess. We got married 11 months ago. I live like in a dream and do not want to wake up!