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Matthew and Tatiana

I want to share my love story with other single people, who want to find their beloveds! It is hard to say what are the best features of russian brides. All of my life I’ve lived in America and met only American women. I was married, but my marriage was unhappy. My ex-wife was focused on her career and her needs. I wanted to find a woman who wants to have a family, to take care about her husband, support and love him. After my divorce I was single for couple of years. I have heard about dating site and dating agency. And finally I’ve decided to use dating site. I saw so many successful stories. Men from my country looked so happy on the photos with their russian brides and ukrainian brides. I did not know that in a year I will become one of those men! It is still hard for me to realize how lucky I am. I was blessed to meet Tatiana from Kiev (Ukraine).  First, when I used dating website I could not believe that there are so many single, beautiful, intelligent, family-oriented and ready to move to another part of the world ukrainian brides! I was amazed and shocked… It was so hard to make a choice… After 6 month of internet dating and dating chat I was confused even more. I wanted to leave online dating site, because started to doubt about this idea. But I’ve met my Tanusha. I’ve made the decision to stay and I still say thanks to the God for that. We had an amazing communication for 5 more months. I’d never thought that it is possible to talk like this to another person. Like I’ve known her for ages. Tanusha told me everything about herself and her life in our dating chat. She works as a teacher, loves poetry, the nature and romantic dinners. She likes to cook for her man, to watch good movies together, to make small surprises to each other, no matter if there are no special occasions for that. As soon as the weather became better in Kiev (Ukraine), I went to see her, my Tanusha! We’ve met in a great restaurant in the center of Kiev. She chose it for us and it was the best choice. We had good and quiet talks, small kisses, we holed each other hands and I knew she was the one. We spoke about dating services. Tanusha was not sure if she wants to look for the right man at dating site. But the same as me, she was thankful to the God, because she has decided to try online dating site. She told me that our video dating and dating chat were the sense of her life during last 5 months. I asked her to become my wife at the same restaurant, on the first date. Tanusha said “Yes” and it was the greatest moment of my life! Now we are waiting for Fiancée visa. Usually it takes about 6-8 months. I went to see my ukrainian bride two times. We visited Lviv together and had a lot of special and very romantic moments in her native Kiev. I can’t wait to show her my country and city now! I wish everyone to be as fortunate as I was and to find their soul mates! Thanks to dating service and dating agency for my chance to love and to get love in return!