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Frank and Svetlana


Svetlana and I have met each other on the dating site. My family and friends laughed at me! “Old grandpa, what are you doing?!” – They said. Yep, I am a grandpa, but it does not mean that I deserve for happiness less than others, right? I was fortunate to know about ukrainian women. Special online dating site, which I found was full of russian brides! I liked the idea. Life is too short to drink bad wine. My first wife passed away and my children are grown with their own lives and problems. I have decided that I will not spend the end of my days alone. After all – I lose nothing. I am already just a lonely old man ). “It will not become worse” – I thought. I’ve met Svetlana from Ukraine in one of those beautiful mornings, when you really want to live, when life seems wonderful and the sun is shining brightly. I thought that it was a good sign. Svetlana was beautiful ukrainian woman.  I liked the fact that she is not an eighteen years old girl, but a little bit younger than I am. I do believed that internet dating works, but if to know exactly what kind of a woman you are looking for. Svetlana was a perfect match for me. We were like two halves of one. She was divorced with adult daughter and small grandson. Happy and funny, loyal and caring, sweet and kind – she woke my old heart and it started to beat faster! “Well seems like russian dating works” – I thought. In two weeks I thought “I need to see her”. The problem was that Sveta’s level of English was low. But I knew that I need to be strong. Only when both will work hard – the relationship will work. I paid for English courses for Sveta. Thank you for the assistant to local Sveta’s dating agency, which organized everything for us! She learned fast and in three months I was standing on Derebasovskaya Street in Odessa. I really liked Londonskaya Hotel, people who worked there, the city and SVETLANA! I came not for dating girls. I came to Odessa to propose to the only one real ukrainian bride for me! We will get married next year and I am waiting for this moment like a young man for his first date with a girl ). Svetlana’s daughter is very happy, my children are very happy for us and my friends envy me ). Sveta reminded me that I am still alive. She showed so much care and warmness. Now I know that it is possible to find your soul mate anywhere. Now I know that you can love someone and be happy, even if you are not 20 y.o. I want you, guys, who use dating website to think about “an experience of one old, but very happy grandpa )”. Never give up!