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LIST OF SERVICES. The website allows communication between men from around the world and women from Ukraine and Russia. Our website doesn't render matrimonial services and isn't marriage agency. On this website a fee is charged for using of on-line means of communication. Each woman has the personalized page on the website We don't bear responsibility for behavior of the lady, and we also don't guarantee that data on women are authentic.

You will be able to contact to those who posted the profile on the website. You agree to work with the website in the form in which we represent it to you. We don't guarantee continuous uninterrupted operation of the site, lack of mistakes. We don't bear any responsibility for incorrect using of the website. We don't guarantee website compliance to your requirements; we don't bear responsibility for unavailability of the website, timely delivery, removal, incorrect delivery and storage of messages. You undertake responsibility for use of information on our website completely. Our company reserves the right to change page heading on the website, to make other amendments to information containing on the website, to stop or stop work of any content or service or access to them. Therefore we recommend to you to refresh regularly pages of the website to know about all changes.

RIGHT TO USE. From time to time we can change working conditions with the website, add new information without client notification. Therefore we recommend to you to look through periodically information containing on our website. We can stop to provide some services at any time or to limit use by any client without notifying on it. The client has the right to use information on our website without prosecution of commercial purposes and in compliance with all our rules..

CLIENT AGE. Only clients who are already 18 years old and more and who have proved it can use this website. And do not pass your login and password to other persons.

CONTACT INFORMATION. All information used for contact with other users of the website is considered a contact information. The client must not include contact information in those places on the site that are not intended for this purpose, such as fields for information about yourself, your hobbies, etc. Clients aren't allowed to post photos with their contact information on the website. It is also prohibited to tell other users of the website the contact information in messages or in online chat.

SERVICE FEE. There are paid services on our website. We charge a fee for sending messages, instant messaging, chatting, video services or video presentations use, delivery of gifts, and providing contact information if the client whom you are interested in agrees. You can find all necessary information about payment services in the menu BUY CREDITS You can pay by credit card, WESTERNUNION bank transfers. We can change sums of payment, - and since the publication of the new prices for the services they are valid on our website. All prices are in the USA dollars. Our website is not responsible for your credits purchased and spent on services on our website. You won’t be able to exchange and refund purchased credits on the website.

PURCHASE OF CONTACT INFORMATION. If you are a citizen or resident of the USA and want to obtain personal information about the customer of our website which isn't a citizen or resident of the USA, in this case you agree not to come into direct contact to the client whom you are interested in until you fulfill all necessary liabilities for this purpose. You can request that person contacts from the website administration after having provided us your id.

ACCESS STOP TO SERVICES ON THE WEBSITE. If you broke the rules of our website use or violate the law, we reserve the right to limit the possibility of your access to any service or the entire website without notice and if necessary to send this information to law enforcement agencies.

THE RULES OF PROFILE FILLING OUT. You will use according to any and all applicable laws and rules. You won't include in your profile any telephone numbers, addresses, last names, URL, e-mail addresses, offensive anatomic or sexual references or offensive sexual implication or connotative language, and you won't post the photos containing nakedness or personal information, omelakiss.kom has the right and the duty to reject any profile or photo that does not comply with these prohibitions.

RULES OF USE ONLINE SERVICE. Sending any contact information (e-mail, address, full name, phone number, skype, etc.) is prohibited. Any offensive behavior to other users of the website, racism, zoophilia, use of rough (abusive) words are forbidden. Our site kindly requests to adhere to the moral and ethical standards of behavior in the online service using as the site is not responsible for the behavior of clients in personal correspondence referring to the confidentiality right.

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