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CONFIDENTIALITY. We don't bear any responsibility and we don't give any security guarantees of your information which you send by e-mail or you place on the Internet. It is forbidden to transfer any information on the website to other persons on behalf of the registered client. The client is responsible for the personal information which he/she posts by him or her on the website. Therefore be careful please when you provide the data on the website.

CHECKING INFORMATION. We regularly check and control all information published on our website videos, messages, personal data in order to ensure that this information is not contrary to our website using conditions and it isn't illegal in the territory of Ukraine, Russia and the countries where we have our clients.

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. The website may contain information that is the property of this site or site clients. All this information is protected by the copyright law. You must apply for the written permission to the owner of this website to copy or distribute any information from this website,.

SECURITY. The customer account on this website is confidential information. Don't transfer the password of access to the page to other persons as the user carries responsibility for information safety of his/her own page.

All women on the website are registered in the agencies in Ukraine and Russia. The personnel of the website haven’t any personal relations with the women registered on this website. Before registering a woman on this website, we have an interview with her or we require her passport photocopy. However, we don't give any guarantee that it is a real woman. As each client is unique and has individual personal qualities, we can't guarantee that you will get exactly that quality service which you expect. Therefore, the agency doesn't return money for the rendered services. If in case of communication with the client you have certain problems, tell us a unique name of this client page and the essence of your claims, and we will be able to solve all the misunderstandings.

Thank you faithfully to respect the site administration!