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There are three Goddesses in every woman

By Jim USA California

Hello to all of those stunning ladies who have their profiles on this dating site! My name is Jim and I live in USA. All of my life I thought that I do not understand women… But, after all I realized that during all of my life I’ve just met wrong women. I am a very thoughtful man, some people even think that I am intelligent and mature and I prefer to believe them ha ha. But, if to talk seriously I do know a lot about history, politics, literature. And I am fond of ancient cultures. One of my favorite one is the culture of ancient Greece.

The main God Zeus had 3 beloved daughters Athena, Aphrodite and Artemis by the mythology of ancient Greece. Athena was very smart and fair, Aphrodite was very beautiful, feminine and seductive and Artemis was the virgin Goddess of fertility. 

I’ve heard much about internet dating and online dating ukraine. I’ve always thought that there should be 3 Goddesses in a woman. Virgin Goddess of fertility, which means that a woman is modest, kind and loves everything alive on this Earth. Seductive and feminine Goddess of love, who can make any man crazy about her, who can be passionate. And the Goddess of Intelligence, who will always listen to her man and will give him good advice. It was a great surprise for me, when I started to use dating website and admitted that russian women and ukrainian women really have these 3 great Goddesses in themselves!

I am a member of dating web site for some time already and I can say with all of the responsibility that I am the greatest admirer of russian brides and ukrainian brides. The more I talk to American and ukrainian girls, the more it becomes obvious for me how different they are. Women of Western World forgot the main. They forgot what it means to be a real woman, to take care about her family, husband and children, to make her home cozy and full of warmness, love and harmony, to be tender and passionate with her man and many other things. I am writing this to women of this site, because I want to say that I admire them. I hope you, ladies, will never forget your perfect feminine mentality and strong family values. Please stay the way you are!

Maybe, one of you will read my blog and pay attention to this romantic guy from USA, who is searching for his russian bride or ukraine bride. Thank you the progress for made internet dating real for all of us. I am sure that russian dating is what will make me happy, because I will find my special and dear woman, who will have Athena, Aphrodite and Artemis living in herself. My perfect woman, my perfect match, my prefect soul mate!