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How to write the best first letter

Single foreign men, single russian women and ukrainian women who want to meet each other with the help of internet dating cannot even imagine how important the letters are in online dating site. The main question which bothers both is “How to write the best first letter?”

Advices for men:

If you became a member of dating web site you need to be ready to talk about yourself. You need to know that the main reason why a lady will pay her attention on you – is you. Do not try to pretend someone else, do not lie to women. Be open and positive. Of course you need to write something about yourself, your life, work, family, country, something about your past and present life and of course few words about your plans for the future. Seems like to achieve the best online dating is easy. But it is a very serious and complex process.

Today we are talking about letters. Introduction letter is one of the most important, because it will become a reason for a ukrainian bride or russian bride to answer you. Of course dating website offers a lot of dating services, such as automatically sending of letters. There are thousands of family-oriented, beautiful, intelligent and serious ladies on the site, so you never know whom to choose. It is possible to write a good letter which you can send to many women at the same time, but which would be personal at the same time. How to do that?

Your introduction letter should consist from truthful information about yourself, but it would be nice if it will show your sense of humor. Choose light and easy style for presentation. Do not speak about your problems, bad moments of your life, death and diseases. It is possible to say that internet dating is kind of an art! Stay serious and sincere when you write about your dreams, the woman you want to find, about relationships and marriage, but do not forget to add that you like to laugh, to spend time with your close friends and your dog (for example). Add couple of positive and gaily moments from your life to your letter. Be romantic, when you describe how you see your future life with your wife. A lot of foreign men chose russian dating and ukraine dating as the best way to find beloved one. So, you need to show to russian brides and ukraine brides that you are exactly that man who really deserves their attention.

The secret of successful first letter is to talk not only about yourself. To ask ladies about themselves and their lives is very important. If we are talking about automatically presentation –questions will be different than in a personal first letter to a certain woman. Usually russian women the same as ukrainian women, who decided to try married dating have full of information profiles. So, how to guess what to ask? The best way to make your letter unique, to know more about a lady and to catch her interest is to ask unusual and not banal questions. For example “What kind of word your friends and relatives would chose to describe you and why?”, “Does your character has something in common with the character of some kind of movies hero?” and so on. If we are talking about first letter to a certain woman, your questions to her should base on her profile. Be attentive and pay your attention on the details. It will make your letter to russian woman or ukrainian woman more intimate and personal. For example: “I see that you live in Odessa, can you please tell me more about your city?”, “Wow, you are a teacher, what kind of subject is yours?”

If you’ll use these small, but important advices, women will answer your letter and you will have more chances to find your true love. Do not forget that communication is very important and letters is one of the most important dating services, which you can use as a weapon in your fight for piece of happiness.